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We offer a whole-person approach to the treatment of addictions. We believe that the resident must recover physicall...

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Please bring minimal sentimental jewelry. The Journey Home is not responsible for any lost or stolen jewelry. Pictures f...

The Journey Home

The Journey Home opened February 1, 1997, providing a new concept and a new energy for the supportive continuation of care for chemically dependent / dual diagnosed females. We specialize in the treatment and care of  females, addressing all problems and diagnosis pertaining to this population. The Journey Home Is located in Denham Springs, Louisiana, 5 miles east of Baton Rouge. The home is on a five acre rural setting with manicured grounds. Only a small sign next to the front door identifies this beautiful home as a treatment facility. girl2The Journey Home is based on the foundation that females must be empowered ...

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Maureen, 19Maureen, 19
Before I got to the Journey Home, all aspects of my life were out of control. My relationship with myself and my family were strained. But with a lot of love from the people here, I was able to learn how to become a better person. My stay here had a lot of ups and downs, but I stayed and am now a new person ...

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 Anonymous  19—Cleveland, Ohio Anonymous 19—Cleveland, Ohio
I came here hopeless and unwilling. I’ve gained confidence and love for myself. It works, it really does. It takes time, but it’s worth it. Don’t ever give up.

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 Anonymous  19—Ohio Anonymous 19—Ohio
Before I came to the Journey Home, I can honestly say that my life was a wreck. I thought I knew it all before I got here. Now being at the Journey Home, I can say that my life has taken a turn for the best. I have learned and earned so much since I have been at the Journey Home. I got my High ...

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 Anonymous  23—West Virginia Anonymous 23—West Virginia
This makes my third treatment center, and I know I’ll never find one that compares to the Journey Home. When I got here, I was devastated and broken. I had lost everything. I was on the verge of dying, and facing years in prison. Thanks to the Journey Home, my program and my Higher Power, I’m getting my life back. I’ve made real friends at ...

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 Emily, 24—Indiana Emily, 24—Indiana
Before coming to the Journey Home, my life was in shambles. I was utterly hopeless. I had no relationship with my family. I had been in a string of abusive relationships and had been hospitalized twice due to my drug use. Now, I talk to my mom almost every day. My family is proud to have me at family functions. I now have a full ...

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 Kristen, 26 Kristen, 26
The Journey Home has made a remarkable change in my life. Not only did I learn how to stay sober, I learned how to live again. Through facing the fears that many alcoholics go through each day, I am finally able to grow up and be a responsible adult. And after staying 15 months at the Journey Home and graduating, I still come back once ...

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Anonymous  18—TexasAnonymous 18—Texas
I’ve been at the Journey Home for nine and a half months. I was very mad and lonely when I first arrived here. I received so much love from my group as well as from all of the staff. For the first time since I was 12, I made real friends. I finally found the sense of belonging I was looking for through drugs here ...

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Ashlee, 23Ashlee, 23
When I came to the Journey Home, I had no life in my eyes and no color in my face. I was a walking zombie. I was buried six feet under and suffocating more every day. I had no hope. I had accepted that I would forever be a drain on society, but what pissed me off even more was that I knew I had ...

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