The Journey Home

Established February 1, 1997

Welcome to The Journey Home

The Journey Home opened February 1, 1997, providing a new concept and a new energy for the supportive continuation of care for chemically dependent / dual diagnosed females. We specialize in the treatment and care of  females, addressing all problems and diagnosis pertaining to this population.

The Journey Home Is located in Denham Springs, Louisiana, 5 miles east of Baton Rouge. The home is on a five acre rural setting with manicured grounds. Only a small sign next to the front door identifies this beautiful home as a treatment facility. The Journey Home is based on the foundation that females must be empowered in order to have positive results in recovery. This facility was specifically designed to create the safe, respectful, and supportive environment needed to do so.

Our treatment program address the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components of recovery.

Our staff is a multidisciplinary team who is dedicated providing the highest quality of care possible. Great care has been taken by our staff to create an environment that is not only conducive to the recovery process, but one where residents feel at home.


Our Story

“Ben and I opened the doors of The Journey Home on February 1st, 1997. 2 years before we opened, I was attending Southeastern Louisiana University getting my degree in Social Work. I wrote a grant and a program design for women and children, however at this time there was no funding available. I was at a LASAC conference with Ben and a lady I had never met before asked me if I was from Gonzales. When I told her “No, but my husband works in Gonzales”, she replied, “You must be Ben’s wife”. Ben had told his secretary about my program design and she told Joann. She had previously owned a halfway house in Gonzales and asked me if I was interested in opening one. I told Ben “Honey I want to open a halfway house for women, he said have you lost your mind? We are starving students, we have no money”. I told him, “But this is a God thing and I have to do this”. He replied, “Who am I to argue with God, I guess we are opening a halfway house for women”. Thirty days after opening we were full. That was 21 years ago.”

In Loving Memory of Ben Camp

November 26th 1956-January 20th 2012

Photo for Ms. Brenda on main page

Brenda Camp


Brenda Camp is owner and administrator of The Journey Home, where she has been successfully providing quality, women-specific substance abuse treatment for more than 21 years. Knowing addiction from a personal perspective when she began, Brenda was passionate about opening a home for female substance abusers where she could provide a safe and loving place to recover. She obtained her Bachelors of Social Work degree with honors and was awarded the B.S.W. Student of The Year Award from The National Association of Social Workers Louisiana Chapter. Brenda then completed her social work internship at Livingston Youth and Family Services, where she worked with a diverse rural population. Opening the doors at The Journey Home was the achievement of a dream, but it also was the beginning of her life’s work of breaking the generational cycle of addiction and helping women regain their lives. Her core philosophy is that every woman has worth and dignity; and that philosophy is the foundation of The Journey Home treatment model. Brenda is known worldwide as an advocate for female-specific substance abuse treatment, and she continues to be a model for others who seek to provide quality women-specific services.

“I was at The Journey Home for twenty-three months. It wasn’t always easy. But, goodness I needed it. It helped me build a strong foundation and a strong connection with sober women. I have friendships now that will last a lifetime. My relationships with my family have been restored. Life, now, is something I had always dreamed of but never thought would ever happen” -Haley B


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