Confidential Help Available 24/7


It is the goal of The Journey Home program to assist residents in making new decisions that allow them to participate fully in the realms of education, employment, and personal and family relationships. The program is set up to meet that goal but we recognize that residents often need additional support after graduation from The Journey Home.

Residents who successfully complete the program at The Journey Home and who choose to stay in the Baton Rouge area are offered the opportunity to participate in weekly aftercare. Aftercare is a supportive environment that assists residents in making decisions and choices that are good for their recovery. Alumni also benefit from continuing to have contact with The Journey Home staff and residents. This contact also assists families in knowing that someone is checking in with their daughter weekly.

If alumni appear to be struggling with problems that are beyond the scope of weekly aftercare they will be referred to a more intensive level of care until they stabilize. This may be a referral to a psychiatrist, physician, pastor or individual sessions with a therapist.

Residents who do not choose to stay in Baton Rouge are encouraged to stay in contact with both staff and alumni of The Journey Home. The warm and supportive nature of The Journey Home program makes contact much more personal and individual than contact with a large facility. This contact is also available for parents who are encouraged to call to share concerns or ask questions.


The Journey Home has made a remarkable change in my life. Not only did I learn how to stay sober, I learned how to live again. Through facing the fears that many alcoholics go through each day, I am finally able to grow up and be a responsible adult. And after staying 15 months at the Journey Home and graduating, I still come back once a week for Alumni group. See, many of the girls that graduate decide to get an apartment or house in the area so that we already know a group of girls our age in sobriety that we also lived with. I also have been able to have a healthy relationship with my family. I absolutely LOVE what the Journey Home can do.

Kristen, 26

Before coming to the Journey Home, my life was in shambles. I was utterly hopeless. I had no relationship with my family. I had been in a string of abusive relationships and had been hospitalized twice due to my drug use. Now, I talk to my mom almost every day. My family is proud to have me at family functions. I now have a full time job and am going back to school. I owe it all to the loving staff at the Journey Home. There is not one other place on this earth that I think could’ve helped me and my family the way they have. We are eternally grateful.

Emily, 24—Indiana

This makes my third treatment center, and I know I’ll never find one that compares to the Journey Home. When I got here, I was devastated and broken. I had lost everything. I was on the verge of dying, and facing years in prison. Thanks to the Journey Home, my program and my Higher Power, I’m getting my life back. I’ve made real friends at the Journey Home and people that love and care about me. I’ve found hope. The Journey Home has shown me a new way of life and I’ve changed in ways that I never thought that I would.

Anonymous, 23—West Virginia

Before I came to the Journey Home, I can honestly say that my life was a wreck. I thought I knew it all before I got here. Now being at the Journey Home, I can say that my life has taken a turn for the best. I have learned and earned so much since I have been at the Journey Home. I got my High School diploma by the grace of God and I couldn’t or wouldn’t have got it without being here. That is such a big accomplishment for me. That was all I dreamed about and it has happened. I have had my good, but also bad times while being here, and I have learned good lessons from them all. I have got such a great connection with God and a heck of a lot of pride. I am very grateful for the Journey Home. This place has been my guardian angel. And I thank God every day for being here.

Anonymous, 19—Ohio

I came here hopeless and unwilling. I’ve gained confidence and love for myself. It works, it really does. It takes time, but it’s worth it. Don’t ever give up.

Anonymous, 19—Cleveland, Ohio

Before I got to the Journey Home, all aspects of my life were out of control. My relationship with myself and my family were strained. But with a lot of love from the people here, I was able to learn how to become a better person. My stay here had a lot of ups and downs, but I stayed and am now a new person with hope! If it wasn’t for The Journey Home, I would be lost! Every minute of every day I am grateful for the love and support I receive her.

Maureen, 19 3 years, 4 months Sober

I’ve been at the Journey Home for nine and a half months. I was very mad and lonely when I first arrived here. I received so much love from my group as well as from all of the staff. For the first time since I was 12, I made real friends. I finally found the sense of belonging I was looking for through drugs here with my Higher Power and real friends. Miracles have happened to me here. I never imagined I would achieve 11 months sober. I feel safe and cared for at the Journey Home, and I’ve made it through pain I could never have faced on my own. The Journey Home and God saved my life and I am truly grateful. I have hope.

Anonymous, 18—Texas

When I came to the Journey Home, I had no life in my eyes and no color in my face. I was a walking zombie. I was buried six feet under and suffocating more every day. I had no hope. I had accepted that I would forever be a drain on society, but what pissed me off even more was that I knew I had a lot to offer. I had compromised my own morals and values by diving head first into the underworld of drugs and alcohol, and this lifestyle could be pinned on one person, or so I thought. See all during my addiction, I loved to blame everyone and everything around me for my problems. It did not matter that I made a mess of my life as a result of my actions and decisions. If everything was everyone else’s fault then how was I to take control of my life? Well, this is where the Journey Home came into play. The staff here will never give up on you, and I have watched many girls try. It has been hard pulling out years of pushed down emotions and memories, but well worth it. I do not walk around feeling sick anymore. I have self-confidence and boundaries. I no longer see myself as an object, or other people for that matter. I am far from perfect, but I am not six feet under.

Ashlee, 23