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Our professional care management team is easily accessible to all residents, allowing our staff to provide responsible, caring, and diligent treatment in all facets of the recovery process.

Brenda Camp


Brenda CampBrenda is the owner and Administrator of The Journey Home. She opened The Journey Home in 1997 and has since then provided quality residential care to many young women for 11 successful years. She obtained her Bachelor of Art in Social Work from Southeastern Louisiana University where she graduated with honors. Brenda was awarded the B.S.W. Student of The Year from the National Association of Social Workers Louisiana Chapter.

She did her internship at Livingston Youth and Family Services, where she worked with a diverse rural population. Brenda has worked in the field of substance abuse for 19 years and is experienced in many areas of the field. Her passion was to open a home for female substance abusers where they would have a safe place to recover. Her belief is that these young women must be empowered in order to have positive results in recovery.

She also believes that everyone has worth and dignity and this is implemented in the philosophy of The Journey Home. Brenda specializes in the treatment of adolescent females . Prior to opening The Journey Home she wrote and implemented a grant for chemically dependent women and their children. She began her career at Baton Rouge Detox and has dedicated her life to breaking the generation to generation cycle of addiction. Brenda is known world wide as an advocate for the female specific treatment of substance abuse and continues to achieve a level of care that is the model that all others strive for.


Jennifer Jordan

Asst. Administrator

Amy Stevens, LPC

Clinical Director

Amy is a graduate of Louisiana State University where she obtained her Bachelors of Science in Psychology in 2004. Amy went on to graduate Southeastern Louisiana University in 2007 with a Master of Education with a concentration in Community Counseling and Substance Abuse. Amy obtained her LPC licensure in 2009 and has worked primarily in the substance abuse arena since obtaining her Masters. Amy is a member of the Louisiana Counseling Association and American Counseling Association.

Melissa Laneaux, MSW, LCSW


Melissa obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Southeastern University in 2011 and subsequently obtained a Master’s degree in Social Work from Louisiana State University in 2012. Melissa became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 2015. Melissa’s experience includes individual, group, and family therapy and has worked with various populations including children, adolescents, and adults. Melissa has worked with both mental health and co-occurring disorders in various settings. Melissa is Program Director of the Journey Home and manages IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program).

Helen Wilson, MA, PLPC


Helen Wilson received a Master of Art Degree in Counselor Education with a specialization in Community Counseling (Clinical Mental Health) at Louisiana State University in August of 2015. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and worked for several years in Family Life Ministry, supporting the spiritual growth of families. Helen has facilitated group counseling service for at risk youth with the Louisiana Bar Association’s Teen Court Program and has presented in local and national conferences on women’s issues in counseling. She is also trained in the skill of EMDR and is currently working towards a specialization in Substance Abuse counseling. Her counseling interests include providing mental health and substance abuse counseling services to empower women and their families in their pursuit of physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Robyn Sonnier, MA, PLPC


Robyn graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2012 and a Master of Arts in Counselor Education with a specialization in Community Counseling (Clinical Mental Health) in 2014. Robyn continues to pursue further education and a specialization in substance abuse through attendance in Louisiana Association of Substance Abuse Counselors and Trainers. Robyn’s experience includes individual, group, and family therapy and she has worked with various populations including adults and adolescents with both mental health and co-occurring disorders in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Robyn has also formulated and implemented a group therapy curriculum for the Teen Court program at the Baton Rouge Bar Association. Robyn utilizes her skills to help each client work on their addiction as well as contributing underlying issues. Robyn is also trained in EMDR to further help clients suffering from symptoms of PTSD. Robyn believes in a transtheoretical approach to utilize various techniques to tailor to each individual client and to help clients reach their maximum potential and achieve long term sobriety. Robyn combines various techniques from various theories and schools of thought including psycho-dynamic, humanistic, constructivist, and pragmatic to meet each individual client’s needs.

Cathy Arends, RN


Rev. Cathy Arends, R.N., holds a B.A. in Nursing Education, M.A. in Religious Education, an M.A. in Counseling, and has four units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). She is an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church.

Chaplain Arends completed her year-long residency CPE program in the New Orleans area. She minstered at The Bridge House, The Adolescent Drop-In Center, and East Jefferson General Hospital.

Rev. Arends is an accomplished speaker and is available for speaking engagements throughout Louisiana.




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