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My name is Klaire and I am 25 years old. I was in treatment at The Journey Home for 21 months. It was one of the hardest decisions that I have ever made to go to long term treatment and an even harder decision to continue to stay but the rewards that have unfolded and continue to appear in my life make every minute of my stay completely worth it. I looked externally early on in life either to feel good about myself or to not feel at all because to some degree never thought that I as an adequate member of my family or of life. I wanted to be better and more but in all of the wrong places and in all of the wrong ways. I surely have not been dealt an easy hand in life but I am grateful for that because mistakes that I have made and adversities faced had me hit my knees so hard that I did not have any other choice but to look at the broken mess of my life.   Take away the drugs, alcohol, and other unhealthy coping mechanisms and I am still left with myself: That’s what needed to change. I was extremely sick and did not think there was a way out of the destruction I was living in. In such despair I looked at myself as a victim and was drowning in self-pity. Today I look at myself through new lenses and what I see is a warrior, defeating the disease of addiction. Through the help of The Journey Home, gaining a relationship with a Higher Power, the 12 steps of AA, open-mindedness, willingness, acceptance, a solid support group, and a lot of perspective change, I have rediscovered myself and my capabilities. I have a newfound confidence that allows me to humbly share some of my personal trials. I used to live in a world on my own without a care of anyone around me. My life has changed. I have changed and my experience has been more gratifying and worthwhile than I can properly convey in words. I found God in my journey through treatment and my relationship with Him has lead me to seek a more spiritual life on a daily basis. By the grace of God I continue to make the daily decision to stay sober and better myself and with the help of The Journey Home, I know how to do that today. I am proud of the woman I am and the woman I am becoming.” -Klaire, Sobriety Date: 03/17/16


Hailey N


I always knew I was different. Even as a young child I’d always felt like something was wrong, like there was something missing. I spent many years trying to fill that emptiness. First with overachievement and vanity, which led to a severe eating disorder. Then with men, drugs, and alcohol. The details are unimportant, but suffice to say I sold my soul absolutely to chemicals. I was dead inside, and I knew it; I thought it was funny. I thought not caring about anything or anyone made me strong. I thought I knew the truth about life: that we were all purposeless, and the best thing we could do was numb the pain until we died. I felt sorry for people who believed otherwise.
I went to my first treatment center at 20 years old.  I learned enough about the disease of addiction to believe I could stay sober on my own. And I did for 18 miserable months until a horrible relationship followed by an even worse relapse led me to the front door of The Journey Home. 
I’ve never been any place like The Journey Home. Even now, two and a half years later, I get choked up writing about my experiences there. It’s hard to even find the words. 
I arrived broken and dependent. I thought I was better than everyone, yet still hated everything about myself. At The Journey Home, I met empowered women who told me they would love me until I could love myself. And they did. 
I spent 10 months at The Journey Home and I can honestly say I do not believe I would be alive today were it not for my time there. I learned about more than just addiction, I learned how to live life sober. I learned how to take responsibility for my actions and think about others before myself. The women there taught me how to love, and how to allow others to truly love me. I learned that vulnerability is not weakness, it’s the purest form of strength. I learned who I was without a man by my side. 
The Journey Home saved my soul. The emptiness and loneliness I experienced for much of my life has long since been replaced by love. A love for the goodness I see in the world and the people around me, a love for the women I met there who today are my dearest friends, and a passion for living a life of recovery.
There’s something special about The Journey Home. Something I cannot explain, nor would I want to try. There I’ve seen miracles happen in my friends and in myself and I will Be forever grateful that god led me there.
Hailey N.

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"I came to the Journey Home on April 20th, 2015, a broken, beaten, & dependent woman. I was 28 years old but I felt like a child. I had been drinking and using drugs since I was 14 and didn't know there was any other way to live. I came from California where an intervention separated me from the abusive relationship I was in. I didn't realize at the time how fearful and insecure I was. And deep down I didn't think I would ever be able to stand on my own two feet again. My addiction brought me to my knees. I felt so low that dying seemed like my only hope at getting rid of the extreme feelings of guilt, shame, rage and fear that I had carried around with me my entire life. It wasn't until coming to the Journey Home where I truly began to experience new feelings, like love, joy, peace and belonging. It wasn't easy. In fact, being there was the hardest, most painful thing I have ever done. But pushing through the pain and being supported by a group of strong, loving and smart women filled me with this drive and desire to fight back against my disease in hopes that if I did then maybe one day I could be free, and truly happy. In the Journey Home I witnessed miracles both in myself and in the other women. These miracles helped me form a connection with my higher power, which today I know is the biggest component to my sobriety and happiness, I learned so much about myself and how my brain works, how my disease works. This awareness has been lifesaving. But more importantly I learned to love and like myself again. This took time, and continues to take take time, but today I don't have to walk around looking down or fearful to look you or myself in the eye. I live with my head held high, with growing confidence, strength and love for myself and others that I never knew would be possible. I don't need any drug, any drink, and person, or any thing to make me feel whole today, except my recovery, my God and the women that share this Journey with me. Coming to the Journey Home was the best choice I ever made, but staying and fighting was the best decision I continue to make. Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better, but they do get better if you want them too. Thank you JH! I love you guys so much!"

-- Samantha, 30, Sobriety Date: 4/21/15

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I was 19 years old when I went to The Journey Home. I didn't know anything about anything but I really thought I knew everything. Simply put- I genuinely hated myself. I drank too much and partied too hard. I was reckless and hurt everyone around me. I remember the day I decided to go to The Journey Home. My mother told me that this sweet woman in Louisiana was going to help me. I asked my mom how some woman who I did not know was going to help someone like me. My mother replied, "This woman is going to teach you how to love yourself". I got in the car the very next morning to drive a thousand miles south to Louisiana. I did not get in the car to get sober; I got in the car because I was so miserable and so broken and the fact that this woman said she could help me love myself again, well I guess I just took a chance.

That chance was the best decision I have ever made. Longterm treatment saved my life. I had time to truly figure myself out. The Journey Home taught me how to be sober and, true to Ms. Brenda's word, they taught me how to love myself. 
I am about to be 25 years old with 5 and a half years of continuous sobriety, I graduate college with a Bachelor's Degree in May of this year with plans to work in a field that I love whilst obtaining a Master's Degree, I travel all over constantly living this beautiful life and I have all of these things because of The Journey Home. Imagine a bird with two broken wings. Now imagine that bird flying again. That is what The Journey Home does. 



“Before I got to the Journey Home, all aspects of my life were out of control. My relationship with myself and my family were strained. But with a lot of love from the people here, I was able to learn how to become a better person. My stay here had a lot of ups and downs, but I stayed and am now a new person with hope! Long-term treatment saved my life and if it wasn’t for The Journey Home, I would be lost! Every minute of every day I am grateful for the love and support I receive here. Today I love the person I am. I am going to college to get a degree, I am an active member in AA as well as my community. I am so blessed to have gone to The Journey Home.”

-Anonymous, Sobriety Date: 9/15/04

Parent Testimonials

Parent of Alumni

"We were at the end of our ropes. Frightened. Exhausted. Anxiety ridden. Worried that we were going to get a call that our daughter had OD’d and died, or killed herself and others in a car crash. She’d previously been thru a 10 month treatment program where she got into a relationship. When she got out her boyfriend promptly relapsed...and before too long so did she.

We tried another intervention and she said she would go to The Journey Home. We didn’t know what to expect. It had been recommended, but it’s hard to know what is the right thing to do when you’re in fear for your child’s life. This time our daughter said “she knew she couldn’t stop on her own.”

When we brought her to TJH, she was greeted by a group of smiling young women. They all had the same addiction and alcoholism issues...but they seemed to be getting better. It was a warm welcome and the first slow deep breath we took in a long time. We drove away leaving our Haley sitting on the front porch chatting away with her new “Big Sister”.

She worked hard in the program and little by little we saw changes in her. She was clean and sober...and seemed happy! We started to feel more hope. Over time we watched her slowly open up, and reconnect with others. We saw the daughter we once knew begin to return. Her compassion for others grew and her willingness to seriously work toward long term sobriety showed in her actions.

It was a long and sometimes bumpy road to recovery, but when she left TJH, her connection with it continued. She was welcomed by a large group of women who had been through the same treatment. They met often, attended AA meetings together, helped each other as they went through rough times and rejoiced together when wonderful things happened. It was an amazing support system they formed.

Our girl has 2 ½ years sober now. She is very involved in her own recovery and helps to welcome other women when they are leaving TJH. She has a great job and has returned to school as well. LSU (Straight A’s).

As a family it’s taken time to get back to some form of normalcy. Our sleepless nights have subsided. And though we know nothing is guaranteed, the foundation of her recovery has been laid and it feels like it’s on bedrock.

My wife and I are both in long term recovery from Addiction and Alcoholism ourselves. Through the years, we’ve seen many people go thru treatment...some make it, some do not. But we have never seen a treatment facility have such success. The bond that is created in The Journey Home is palpable and life-saving. We cannot thank them enough".-Parent of Alumni

Parent of Alumni

“I can't say enough about the Journey home. Our daughter was admitted 18 months ago and graduated a strong and independent woman. We have been to other facilities, but this is the only one that has ever worked. This is not a one-month quick fix facility, they get to the root of the problems that cause the addiction(s). If you truly want a second chance at life (for yourself or your loved one) this is where you need to be! The journey home is awesome, and the staff is the Journey home!”-Parent of Alumni

Parent of Alumni

“In September, 2004, I had finally reached a point where I knew I could not save my daughter, Maureen, from drug addiction or alcoholism. She was 16 years old and had been on heroin for almost 11 months. Maureen had been to a short in-patient rehab and was dismissed from an outpatient rehab. I no longer had the strength to keep her safe. I had tried everything I knew which included weekly sessions with a therapist. I had failed.

A counselor recommended The Journey Home in Denham Springs, LA. While she was at school, I packed her bags. Her dad and I picked her up from school and began a 1000 mile plus car trip to The Journey Home.

There is so much I appreciated about The Journey Home. I liked that all the clients had chores to do each day. I liked that the main business of the clients was recovery. I appreciated greatly the guidance I received in regard to telephone calls. I was advised about what I might expect during the phone calls and how to end the phone calls if I felt manipulated.

In December of that year we picked Maureen up and took her to New Orleans for Christmas. After Christmas we took her for oral surgery. Maureen was defiant and we were relieved to hand her back to TJH. She slowly began to work the program.

Recovery takes time and her dad and I knew she was in good hands. During that time and even now, I worked my program of recovery in Al-Anon.

I had prayed that the right people would come into Maureen's life and lead her to recovery and be a support to her. God answered my prayer with Ms Brenda Camp and her wonderful staff. They continue to support and love our daughter. Maureen is a wonderful young woman and is a joy to many. The Journey Home made this possible.”- Parent of Alumni