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Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Is Not Your Fault – You are Not Alone

We have been helping women just like you for over 20 years overcome their addiction to alcohol. Our village-like setting with only women at The Journey Home helps you to more freely overcome addiction.

Did you know that becoming addicted is not your fault? Women are more quickly to show the symptoms of alcohol addiction than men, leading to loss of dignity, joy, and cherished relationships.

Alcohol Treatment LouisianaThe “Whole Woman” Approach to Lasting Recovery

Alcohol not only affects you mentally, but it also has devastating effects on your physical well- being. That is why we have the “Whole Woman” approach to alcohol treatment.

We understand the pressures that women are under from being the caretakers, the breadwinners, and supporting your family. Society demands so much of us and these pressures can lead to co-occurring disorders such as trauma, PTSD, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and borderline personality disorders. Self-medication with alcohol helped dampen and hide the underlying disorders until it couldn’t anymore, making your situation even worse.

Alcohol Treatment With Love and Compassion

Alcohol Addiction requires a very special and medically supervised detox, and we can help you through this process so that you will be comfortable and safe.

Detoxing alone should never be an option as it can be life-threatening. Once you have gone through detox, we will assess you and diagnose any underlying conditions that you may have. We will then prescribe a “Whole Woman” treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs. This will include evidence-based treatments, holistic and experiential therapies with our unique approach to 12 steps.

You see we treat the entire you with love and compassion to restore your dignity, value, health, and sobriety so that you are able to live a life of lasting recovery.