Women's Rehab - Addiction Treatment Center

Alumni Program

Sisterhood that Surrounds You

From your first days at the Journey Home, you will feel the love, support, compassion, and empowerment that our “Whole Woman” program gives to you. Our graduates remain part of our ever-expanding family and your sisters in recovery may become your life-long friends. This life-long support is a key part of your lasting recovery.

Alumni Program Helping Those in Need

Helping Those in Need

You will get introduced to past graduates as they come back to the Journey Home to share how their lives have changed and lead meetings. These experiences are some of the most memorable and life-changing while being here with us. They will give you the motivation to be one of these alumni to come back and share what your new empowered life of recovery is like.

Lifetime Sisterhood

The Journey Home, stays in touch with you long after you have returned to your new life, we have gatherings of our Alumni 3-4 times per year, these gatherings are a celebration of an empowered, dignified new life that recovery brings. Nothing brings more joy to us than to see you come back to visit with us full of confidence, happiness, and limitless possibilities that recovery brings.