Women's Rehab - Addiction Treatment Center

Extended Care

The Journey Home creates a community and sisterhood within its village-like environment. This special safe place has been designed to provide the finest drug, alcohol, and dual-diagnosis treatment available. There are times when you or a loved one may need more time with us to achieve the long-term recovery you or they so desperately deserve. We understand and empathize with all of our clients how difficult it is in a short amount of time to regain what the disease of addiction and the co-occurring disorders have stolen from them.

Extended Care Building Upon Your Success

Building Upon Your Success

That is why we also offer an “Extended Care Treatment Program” for those who have tried many times to recover or those that are struggling for a first time to achieve lasting recovery. This extended care program will continue to build on all of the treatment, therapy, and experiences that you have gained during your initial residential time with us. We will continue to work with you on your underlying conditions of depression, grief, trauma, anxiety chronic relapse, and PTSD.

Sisterhood That is Behind You

The “Extended Care Treatment Program” builds upon the foundation of our “Whole Woman” program and gives you the coping and life skills coupled with a strong support system to be able to face the world knowing that you have a sisterhood behind you cheering for you every day in your recovery.

This program is based upon your clinical need and your admissions counselor or therapist will discuss it with you at the appropriate time during your recovery.