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Family Program

Rebuilding Trust

The Journey Home understands that addiction has affected your family in profound and even terrifying ways. Bonds of love and trust have been stretched to their limits or even broken. That is why our comprehensive family program helps families understand the disease of addiction.

The Journey Home Family programs begin the day you are admitted and immediately helps the process of rebuilding what the disease has destroyed.

Family Program You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

We offer educational and therapeutic sessions on-site and by telephone for family members while your loved one is in treatment. These sessions will help guide you through the process of your own healing from the devastation of addiction while helping you understand how to put the pieces back together.

Rebuilding trust and compassion will take time. Understanding the disease will help you see that you are not alone; it is not your loved one’s fault, and that being part of the recovery process will help everyone affected to achieve a lasting recovery and a better life.

Healing Everyone

Throughout our 20 year history of helping women like you with addiction and mental health treatment, we have found that with a strong family program, relapse is much less likely to happen.

Our program helps everyone involved understand their role in the healing process. Once everyone understands that this is a disease, trust begins to build again. Having a strong family support system that is based on love, trust and understanding dramatically increase the chances of achieving lasting recovery.