Women's Rehab - Addiction Treatment Center

For Professionals

The “Whole Woman “ Treatment Modality

We understand how difficult it is for you when one of your clients is needing a higher level of care. We have worked for years with Psychiatrists, Therapists, Detox Centers, and treatment centers. Because we are an all-women facility run by women, we have a different perspective on treatment and can concentrate on women’s underlying issues and treat their substance use disorder differently.

Our facility is safe, secluded, and creates a village-like environment where your clients can begin recovery with dignity, emotional freedom, and empowerment.

For Professionals Evidence Based Individual Programs

Trauma-Informed, Evidence-Based Individual Programs

Our clinical team will work with you and the client to determine any underlying causes that may be keeping your client in the cycle of their substance use disorder.

We will use this diagnosis to design a treatment program that will help get to these underlying causes using today’s latest evidence-based modalities. We concentrate on trauma-informed types of therapies, such as EMDR, and help relieve the pressures that are particular to women with substance use disorder.

Your Support Is Critical

It is our goal to give your client the stability and strength to remain in recovery once they are discharged. We understand that you may be part of the support that is necessary for life after The Journey Home. That is why if the client gives us approval, we will report weekly to you on your client’s progress and along with weekly calls to your client’s primary therapist.