Women's Rehab - Addiction Treatment Center

Life at Journey Home

The moment that you step onto the grounds, you will feel your fears of what your life has become begin turning to the joy of what your life will be.

Our tranquil, village-like atmosphere will immediately feel like the welcoming, loving place that you need to start healing. You will know that you are not alone and that this is the place that will create the foundation for lasting recovery.

Life at Journey Home Committed to Your Recovery

Committed to Your Recovery

Once you get settled in with us, you will find that The Journey Home has created the perfect setting for your recovery. Surrounded by tranquil forests and acres of green grass along with a meditation pond, serenity and peace will begin to wash over you. The staff at The Journey Home will be devoted to you. They have one goal – and that is to make you feel safe, comfortable, and loved. They will be with you every step of the way on your journey. Our “Whole Woman” treatment approach will get to the underlying causes of trauma, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. Our unique 12-step drug and alcohol treatment program puts you on the path to recovery.

Your Day

Every day at The Journey home is a new day and because of our “Whole Woman” treatment program, no two days are the same.

Your individual treatment program will have you with your therapists working on underlying traumas and conditions. There will be interesting groups that will feel different as they will only be women. This will allow you to express your feeling and share in an environment of safety and understanding that you may have never felt before.

The holistic and experiential therapies and activities that include relapse prevention, nutrition, and life skills will empower you to face your new world with strength and support that you will need to live the life you deserve.