Women's Rehab - Addiction Treatment Center

If You are Pregnant And Addicted, We Can Help

At the Journey Home, we know what the disease has taken from you. If you are an expectant mother, this disease has taken away your care for your self and your unborn baby. There is not a better time to begin the road to recovery.

If you are in your first or beginning your second trimester, we can help. Put aside your addiction for one second and think about how your decisions are affecting not only you but your baby.

We know how hard everything is for you right now and you are not alone. We are here to help you. Don’t wait another minute. Call us to get the help you and your baby needs.

Once you make the call to us, you will feel and hear what a treatment center that is run by women and only for women means to you. We understand what you are going through right now.

Not only will we create an individualized treatment plan for your addiction and any underlying conditions, but we will help you with prenatal OB/GYN visits and care.

Pregnancy Your Children are Our Concern Also

Your Children Are Our Concern Also

One of the hardest parts of deciding to come to treatment is leaving your children, the thoughts of the unknown begin to overtake you.

Once you make the call to us for help, we will spring into action to help you with your children.

We don’t allow your children to live with you while you are at the Journey Home. You will have plenty of visits and we will work with your loved ones and family members to make sure they are taken care of during your stay.

Your children have been through a lot and our family program coupled with our caring staff will make sure that you can concentrate on your recovery knowing that your family is also receiving the treatment that they need. This will ensure that upon your discharge, the damage that this disease has caused has been addressed and all affected are also on a road of lasting recovery.