Women's Rehab - Addiction Treatment Center

Residential Rehab “For Women, By Women”

The Journey Home residential treatment program is designed specifically for you. We found that women need different treatment than men, your problems, co-occurring disorders, and pressures are different, and you deserve to have a specific treatment that is only for women. Our treatment was developed by women and all of our staff are women. You will feel the difference that this level of caring and understanding brings to your recovery when you step foot on our grounds.

Residential Rehab Whole Woman Treatment

“Whole Woman” Treatment Transformation

The Journey to recovery begins with being detoxed and once you are through that important, cleansing process you’ll move into our village-like setting where the spirit of sisterhood, understanding, dignity and empowerment begins to form. Once you begin our “Whole Woman” treatment program you will begin to feel the transformation begin from broken to whole. The typical stay with us is between 30-90 days and you will be assessed as to your progress and needs.

Complete Continuum of Care

As you progress through your treatment you will require different levels of treatment and we provide them based upon your need and progress. We offer residential treatment, Partial Hospitalization Programs, Intensive Outpatient Programs along with Transitional living.

Residential Rehab Lasting Recovery

Hope, Love, Lasting Recovery

Our “Whole Woman” treatment program will help heal you from deep within yourself. We understand that addiction is just the outcome of years of unresolved trauma and pain. The “Whole Woman” approach will help heal the underlying conditions while helping you to overcome your addiction. This all happens while being in a safe, secluded village-like tranquil setting. The love and sisterhood that you will find here at the Journey Home have helped hundreds in your situation leave to enjoy a life filled with health, hope, and love.

All Women Welcome!

Our goal is to help every woman no matter their identity that comes through our doors leave on the path of an empowered dignified lasting recovery.