Women's Rehab - Addiction Treatment Center

Treatment Philosophy

The “Whole Woman” Treatment Philosophy

Over 20 years ago, The Journey Home was created by women for women. The village-like setting was chosen to create a safe and serene environment where trust, compassion, empowerment, and love overtake the abuse and neglect that the disease has brought to you.

Treatment Philosophy One Goal Your RecoveryOne Goal, Your Recovery

Our expert staff of all women will welcome you with open arms. Our Doctors, Psychiatrists, Clinicians, Counselors, and staff have one goal and that is to get you on the road to lasting recovery.

Our philosophy is that we treat the “Whole Woman” that is you. We will treat your underlying co-occurring disorders so that you can better concentrate on healing from your addiction.

We understand women’s needs and conditions are different from men’s and that is why we have been so successful.

Community, Dignity, Empowerment

Having the safety and security of an all women’s facility will allow you to express yourself in ways that you never thought possible. There will be a freedom that you may never have felt before, allowing you to heal with friendship, dignity, and respect.

Our clients become part of our family and these relationships can last a lifetime, giving you added support when you are ready to face the world again; empowered with the knowledge that we are always here for you.